Sterling silver bracelet set with ancient bronze Jewish coins from the second temple time. 
Those coins belong to the first Hasmonean dynasty king; Yehohanan Hyrcanus the first, 127-104 B.C 

Obverse: inscription, surrounded by worth- "Yehohanan the high priest and the member of the Jews", written in ancient Hebrew letters. 

Reverse: Double cornucopia with pomegranate between horns. 

*Found in Jerusalem 

All the 6 coins are the same type. I set 4 coins obverse side and 2 coins reverse side.
The bracelet designed in a modern classic way with a touch of imperfection by flattening (hammering) the silver and the coins are set in a way you can see both sides of the coins. 

The length of the bracelet is:
 18.5 cm
7.28 in. 

The width of the bracelet is:
2 cm
0.08 in

Ancient Jewish coins bracelet