Eilat stone necklace made of sterling silver, designed with extremely filigree work technique.

The necklace had been made in the 50's in Israel by yemenite Jewish artist.

It's a beautiful  and super delicate work with impressive presence, set with high quality Eilat stones.

* Eilat Stone derives its name from the city of Eilat (a city in south of Israel) where it was once mined. It is a green-blue heterogeneous mixture of several secondary copper minerals, including 

malachite, azurite and  turquoise.

The Eilat stone is the National stone of Israel, and is also known as the King Solomon gemstone.

The length of the necklace is: 47cm, 18.5 in.

The size of the necklace is about: 16x6 cm , 16.3x2.36 in.

The size of the Eilat stones are: 17 cm, 6.7 in. Diameter and 8 cm, 3.15 in. Diameter.

* If you wish to have a different length of the chain please contact me.

Eilat Stone Filigree Necklace