A  vintage silver brooch and pendant from the 60's made in Israel.

A traditional handwork of an Israeli Yemenite Israeli jeweler specialist in filigree work.

The pin&pendant made of sterling silver and 14k gold plated.

The center of the brooch set with Eilat stone.

The size of the Eilat stone is: 8mm 0.31 in.

The diameter of the pin and pendant is: 40 mm 1.57 in.

The jewel comes with a goldfiled chain included as a gift: 51 cm 20 in.

* For a different chain or questions please don't hesitate to contact me.

** Eilat Stone derives its name from the city of Eilat ( a city in south of Israel) where it was once mined.

It is a green-blue heterogeneous mixture of several secondary copper minerals including malachite, azurite and  turquoise.

The Eilat stone is the National stone of Israel, and is also known as the King Solomon gemstone.

*** Filigree work is a form of intricate metalwork used in jewelery. It is usually gold or silver, made with tiny beads or twisted threads, or both in combination, soldered together or to the surface of an object of the same metal and arranged in artistic motifs.


Eilat stone pin and pendant