A stunning Multi color beads sapphires necklace, polished in a special matte finish, makes it much to the center of the antique pendant.

The pendant is made of silver with beautiful natural oxidation and in the center there's a magnificent enamel design.

The pendant is probably a scandinavian antique piece between the years 1900 - 1920.  According to the Hallmark silver "830" It is unique and one of a kind pendant and goes perfectly with the sapphires beads necklace.

The  closure of the necklace is 14k gold.

Measurement: Length of the necklace is: 45 cm 17.71 inch.

The width of the sapphires beads are: 3.7 mm O.15 inch.

The pendant diameter is: 22 mm 0.86 inch.

Unique Multi Color Sapphires Necklace